My goal is to remove the clutter so it is gone for good.


Organizing your closet is the first step to bringing order to your wardrobe and your life. We want you to be able to see your things, get dressed without stress and feel peaceful when you walk into or out of your closet. Eventually, this may entail a trip to the Container Store, Target, etc. to purchase the items you need to make your closet more efficient and orderly.


As we analyze your closet, deciding what items to keep, we will try on clothes to see if they fit and need to be kept, tossed or altered. Have you worn them in the last year or two, will you ever wear them, etc.? This includes shoes, accessories, and handbags. I will take the items we decide to “let someone else enjoy before it’s too late” to the re-sale store of your choice or Genesis Women’s Shelter Thrift Shop, unless you have a preferred charity in mind.


Fashion is constantly changing and moving forward. We like to make sure that your organized closet is making your life easier. Continuing to edit and assess your wardrobe is an ongoing process and we want to keep you updated from season to season. It definitely gets easier.


We mix and match within your closet using the pieces you already have, helping you see them differently and with an open mind. You can put together several outfits from a few great pieces. This step gets easier as we add a few basics or new fashion trends each season.


We will evaluate your existing pieces and make a deliberate list of what we need to buy and add to your existing wardrobe. After spending time in your closet editing and organizing, it is easier to see what you need and make a plan to fill in the gaps.


This is the fun part!! Editing and organizing your closet is hard work and we are moving toward the goal of finding new pieces that will update your look, work for your lifestyle and make you feel like a fashionista! We always shop with a purpose and a budget.


This is a continuation of the wardrobing process of “mix and match”. After we have shopped for specific new pieces to add to your existing wardrobe, we go back into your closet and blend the old and new pieces to make dressing easy.


I want to share my experience in the fashion industry with you and show you how to get the most for your money; how to interpret and assimilate the current fashion trends into your lifestyle; and develop your own personal and unique sense of style. This can include taking photos of your new outfits or simply a list of the options you have in your closet.

Guest Speaking

Debby uses her experience as a teacher, actress, spokesperson and fashion model when giving an informative presentation to a groups of any size. Whether speaking to a group of moms, teenagers, community volunteers or an office of business professionals required to adhere to a dress code, she loves helping her audience understand current trends, dressing for success or packing for trips. Fashion is meant to be fun and Debby is ready to be your guide.

Speaking Topics:

  • Wardrobe and Closet Organization
  • Current Fashion Tips & Trends
  • Dressing for you Size & Body Type
  • Wardrobe Do’s and Dont’s
  • Fashion for Teens
  • Hair, Make-Up & Beauty Tips
  • Dressing Within a Business Dress Code
  • Packing for Trips
  • A Model’s Tricks (Classified)
  • Additional topics or presentations can be customized for specific groups


(Oh the power struggle of shopping with your daughter. I know, I have three! Didn’t someone write a book about it, like “Mom I hate you but could you drive me to the mall”?) Let me help you enjoy your daughter; I will shop with her!

  • PLAN


Selecting the perfect outfit or wardrobe for that special occasion: brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom, honeymoon, trousseau, ensembles for parties, balls, luncheons, trips, rush, etc. Whatever you need, we can find it. Relax and enjoy this special time in your life.


Packing efficiently for a trip and learning to look fabulous every day with fewer pieces in your suitcase is truly the art of systemizing your wardrobe.


Want a relaxed, pretty picture with great lighting, professional fashion photographer and make-up artist?

  • GIFTS (for your husband, boyfriend, family)